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No Such Thing As A Quick fix!

We are sold lots of “quick fixes” and “new ways” of achieving fat loss. The truth is telling people you need to be patient, disciplined and consistent does not sell, it’s not “sexy” enough. But the fact of the matter is, these are the factors that matter in the pursuit of sustainable results and to be happy for the long term.

In today’s article we speak about 7 behavioural and lifestyle changes that actually work:

1. Sustainability and Adherence: These factors are key to long term successful fat loss. If you are losing weight but cannot see yourself eating this way in a year’s times then you will lose weight but most likely not keep it off. I don’t like meal plans and I don’t like restrictive diets. Everyone should have flexibility within their diet to eat foods they like, as we mentioned in the past chocolate, takeaways and a night out can be incorporated while still losing weight!

2. Calorie Deficit: To achieve fat loss you must be in a calorie deficit, if you are not, you will not lose weight! Basically, you need to burn more calories than you are consuming, sounds simple but it can be very difficult to achieve!

3. Exercise: You don’t have to exercise to lose weight but it will certainly help towards creating a calorie deficit. From experience if a client is exercising they are more likely going to choose better and healthier food options and are less likely to overeat. And most importantly exercise is great for our health and makes us feel fantastic!

4. Self-Monitoring: A lot of people like to use the scales as a way of tracking progress but most people miss use this tool and it can be very disheartening. The scales doesn’t tell the full story! My preferred ways to track progress are through pictures and how clothes fit. Nothing shows progress more than comparing pictures 6 months apart or loose (or tight) clothes.

5. Protein Intake: When attempting to reduce body fat setting a protein target is important for both for muscle maintenance/growth and recovery. Aim for 2.2 to 2.6 per kg of body weight.

6. Carb and Fat Intake: “Carbs make us fat” is a complete myth! Eat your carbs and enjoy them! Where you set your calories from carbs and fats is dependent on the individual, some people work better using high carbs/low fats and others prefer low carbs/high fats. 15 to 25% of your total daily calories should be used from fats while the rest of your calories should be made up of carbs (protein already set). So if you prefer high carbs set fats closer to 15% and if you prefer lower carbs set your fats closer to 25%. Also note your overall calories need to be set up in order to have you in a deficit.

7. Supplements: No, supplements are not magic and will not make you lose weight, remember if you’re not in a calorie deficit you cannot lose weight, save your money instead of purchasing that fat burner! Supplements I personally like are Vitamin D (if there is a prolonged lack of sunshine), Whey Protein if a person is finding their protein target hard to hit and a multi-vitamin can be used as an insurance policy.

We hope this helped and any questions you have can be directed to Eric

Always happy to help.

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