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About Us

Here at EM Fitness and Nutrition we offer One-to-One Personal Training, Buddy Training, Team Sessions, a range of Fitness Classes, Pole Fitness, Tailored Nutrition & Online Coaching.


Our philosophy is to help people strike a balance between healthy living and training whilst also enjoying life. No quick fixes or FAD diets, you can have a social life, you can eat guilt free and you can still achieve your goals. No one diet fits everyone, we are all individuals, the best nutrition and training program is the one that suits you.


Finding what works for each individual is essential for sustainability and will lead to long term results. We believe in finding the exercise that you love, eating the foods you enjoy, leading an active and healthy lifestyle to help you live in a healthier mind and body. We are passionate about reaching out to as many people as possible, helping people to make the transition of healthy lifestyle changes simple and easy.


Our Personal Trainers are highly experienced, professional and extremely motivated with a proven track record and results to match. EM Fitness and Nutrition was established just over six years ago, but in that time we have grown dramatically. Having started out with two Personal Trainers there are now already 10 with a wealth of knowledge in training and nutrition, catering for a wide range of needs.


EMFN is located in Westside Centre on the Model Farm Road in Cork, we have free parking right outside the door which is ideal and we also have showering facilities.


For more information please email or fill out the contact form below.

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