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Hows Your Sleep?

When it comes to fat loss many of us attempt to run before we can walk.


Fat loss isn’t as simple as just reducing calories and achieving a calorie deficit.


There are other factors we must master first, that’s if we want to achieve fat loss and sustain it.


Getting enough sleep is essential. If you’re someone trying to achieve fat loss and not sleeping enough this may relate to you:


▪you sleep less than 7-8 hours per night 

▪you wake often during the night 

▪wake up every morning feeling very tired


This may lead to the following scenarios:


▪fail to plan and prepare food

▪order takeaways more often

▪skip gym sessions due to lack of energy

▪you’re less active outside the gym

▪decrease in mood and increase in stress 


5 ways to help you improve your sleep:


1. Form a routine, go to be bed at the same time every night and get up in the morning at the same time.


2. Avoid caffeine after 1pm.


3. Put the phone away a couple of hours before bed, that includes the iPad!


4. Take a warm bath before bed, add some Epsom salts.


5. Fit black out blinds in your room, the darker the room the easier it is to fall asleep.


We hope this helped!


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