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Women’s Only Group

Are you fed up of trying every fad diet, weight loss method and restrictive diet? Are you ready to “do this” for the last time? 


Do you want to achieve your goal and maintain it forever?


For over 10 years it has been our pleasure to empower women in Cork, Ireland and beyond to achieve their goals and we want to help you too.


Each member of our group comes in with the initial goal of “losing weight and toning up” (side note: what we actually mean is lose body fat and gain muscle..) but what everyone receives is the knowledge and support to do so but also many other (and even more important) benefits such as:


Ø An improved relationship with exercise and nutrition

Ø The removal of “food guilt”

Ø An increase in confidence

Ø Improved health

Ø An improved relationship with the weighing scales

Ø A realisation of what “progress” actually is

Ø Improved fitness levels

Ø The ability to love and accept yourself

Ø Become more in tune with your body

Ø Learn to be selfish

Ø An unstoppable mindset

Ø Escape the “diet culture”

Ø An education


Below is an outline of what is offered within our Women's Only Group:



·    Initial One to One Face to Face or Zoom Meeting with May


·    Live Zoom Group Meeting each week specifically for the group 


·    Access to over 50 recorded workouts


·    Tailored Gym and Home Workout Programmes provided


·    Constant access to Your Personal Trainer with continuous support 


·    Private Female Facebook Group, great support system as you are surrounded by women with similar goals          

·     Weekly Check Ins


·    ​ Access to all our informational videos (Sleep, measurements, protein and much more)


·    Access to all previous meetings packed with useful information


·    Free access to our exercise demonstrations library


·    Free access to all of our recipe books


·    And Much More!



You will be provided will all the information, guidance and support needed to achieve fat loss, forever.


 The group meeting takes place on Tuesday's at 7.30pm.




ALL MEETINGS WILL BE RECORED and added to the private group, you won’t miss a meeting.

(Lots of our group members complete the meetings in their own time, if the live sessions don't suit, don't let that stand in your way!).


Is this group for you?


❌ Have you continuously failed at achieving long term fat loss?


❌ Have you tried numerous short term quick fix “diets”?


❌ Would you benefit from accountability?


❌ Do you constantly lack motivation?


❌ Are you confused by all the conflicting information?


❌ Do you want to improve the quality of your life?



Are you ready to start getting results and change your life for the better, forever?

EMAIL and get started today, what are you waiting for?!


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