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Women’s Only Group


If you're looking to lose weight, achieve a toned physique,

and do it in a sustainable and enjoyable way, all while building

your confidence, improving your mindset, boosting your energy

levels, enhancing your quality of life, and gaining clarity on t

he unique challenges women face in training, then this group is

tailored just for you.

If you are fed up of trying every fad diet, weight loss method and restrictive diet then get ready to “do this” for the last time.


For over 10 years it has been our pleasure to empower women in Cork, Ireland and beyond to achieve their goals and we want to help you too.





1. Professional Guidance: Access to expert trainers and coaches who specialise in women's fitness.

2. Tailored Workouts: Customised exercise programs designed to help you achieve a toned physique, taking your unique needs into account.

3. Sustainable Weight Loss: A holistic approach to weight management, ensuring long-term success without crash diets or extreme measures.

4. Enjoyable Workouts: Engaging in fun exercise routines that make fitness an enjoyable part of your life.

5. Confidence Boost: Strategies and support to enhance your self-confidence, both in and out of the gym.

6. Mindset Empowerment: Tools and techniques to develop a positive mindset and overcome mental obstacles on your fitness journey.


7. Increased Energy: A fitness plan that leaves you feeling more energised and ready to take on life's challenges.


8. Quality of Life Enhancement: Benefits that extend beyond the gym, improving your overall quality of life.


9. Supportive Community: Connection with a network of like-minded women who share your goals and can offer encouragement and motivation.


10. Women-Specific Insights: Valuable knowledge and advice on dealing with the unique challenges that women may encounter in their fitness and health journey.


The weekly group gym session:

The weekly group gym session is a dynamic and invigorating fitness experience designed to cater to the needs and goals of women in a supportive and motivating environment. Here's a description of what you can expect from this session:

1. Session Focus: Each week, our group gym session focuses on a well-rounded fitness approach that includes strength training, cardio, flexibility, and core workouts. The variety keeps things engaging and ensures a comprehensive workout.


2. Experienced Trainers: Our certified personal trainers, with expertise in women's fitness, lead the sessions. They provide guidance, motivation, and individualised support to help you get the most out of your workout.

3. Customisation: The session is tailored to suit various fitness levels, from beginners to advanced participants. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or looking to challenge yourself further, there's a place for you in our group.


4. Friendly Community: You'll be part of a friendly and empowering community of women with similar fitness goals. The camaraderie and support of fellow participants add an extra layer of motivation and encouragement.


5. Structured Workouts: The session follows a structured workout plan that changes over time to prevent plateaus and keep you engaged. You'll experience a mix of exercises and training modalities, ensuring a well-rounded fitness experience.


6. Duration: The session typically lasts about one hour, providing a comprehensive workout within a manageable time frame.

7. Safety and Form: Safety and proper form are priorities. Our trainers pay close attention to your technique and provide corrections and advice to prevent injury and optimise results.


8. Fun and Enjoyable: We believe in making fitness enjoyable. You'll experience fun and challenging workouts that leave you feeling accomplished and energised.


9. Progress Tracking: We help you track your progress, setting and achieving fitness milestones to help you reach your goals.


10. Post-Session Social Time: After the session, there's often an opportunity for participants to connect, share their experiences, and build lasting friendships. These weekly group gym sessions are not just about exercise; they're about fostering a positive and empowering fitness journey that leaves you feeling stronger, more confident, and excited for the next challenge.


Join us for a session and experience the benefits of this supportive fitness community.

The monthly group zoom meetings:


In the monthly Zoom meetings, participants can expect to be part of an engaging and informative session that covers various aspects of health, fitness, and well-being. Here's what's involved and what you can expect to learn during these meetings:

1. Expert Presentations: Each monthly meeting features experts in the field of women's health and fitness. They will share valuable insights, research findings, and practical tips related to various health and fitness topics.


2. Q&A Sessions: Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions with the guest speakers. This interactive format allows for personalised guidance and answers to specific queries.


3. Workshops and Demos: Practical workshops and demonstrations are often a part of the meetings. These may include stress-reduction techniques, goal-setting workshops for example.


4. Nutrition Education: You will gain a deeper understanding of nutrition and its role in weight management and overall health. Learn about balanced eating, portion control, and making healthy food choices.

5. Mindset and Motivation: Explore strategies for developing a positive mindset, staying motivated, and overcoming mental hurdles on your fitness journey.


6. Goal Setting: Set and track your fitness goals. Learn how to establish achievable objectives and measure your progress effectively.


7. Supportive Community: Connect with other participants who share your health and fitness goals. These meetings offer a sense of community and support as you work towards your objectives.


8. Challenges and Accountability: Participate in fitness challenges and accountability programs that help you stay on track and motivated between meetings.


9. Lifestyle Tips: Receive practical advice for incorporating fitness into your daily life, managing stress, improving sleep, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


10. Open Discussions: Engage in open discussions about the unique challenges women may face in their fitness and health journeys. Share experiences, strategies, and success stories.


11. Resources and Tools: Access to valuable resources, such as workout plans, meal ideas, and fitness apps that can aid in your fitness journey.


12. Fun and Enjoyment: These meetings are designed to be enjoyable and empowering. You'll look forward to learning, sharing, and growing in a supportive and friendly environment.

The monthly Zoom meetings aim to provide holistic education and support for women's health and fitness. Whether you're just starting or looking to enhance your fitness journey, these sessions offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to help you achieve your goals.



Ø An improved relationship with exercise and nutrition

Ø The removal of “food guilt”

Ø An increase in confidence

Ø Improved health

Ø An improved relationship with the weighing scales

Ø A realisation of what “progress” actually is

Ø Improved fitness levels

Ø The ability to love and accept yourself

Ø Become more in tune with your body

Ø Learn to be selfish

Ø An unstoppable mindset

Ø Escape the “diet culture”

Ø An education


Is this group for you?


❌ Have you continuously failed at achieving long term fat loss?


❌ Have you tried numerous short term quick fix “diets”?


❌ Would you benefit from accountability?


❌ Do you constantly lack motivation?


❌ Are you confused by all the conflicting information?


❌ Do you want to improve the quality of your life?



Are you ready to start getting results and change your life for the better, forever?

EMAIL and get started today,

SPACES are LIMITED, don't miss out!


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