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Do You Track Your Calories?

You track but do you track EVERYTHING?


Ever wonder why you can’t lose weight “even though you are in a calorie deficit”. Well it’s because you are NOT in a deficit.


For example take a person that maintains their weight eating 2,000 calories per day (14,000 per week) and aims to consume 1,800 per day (12,600 per week) to create a calorie deficit to lose body fat.


The person tracks their calories but fails to track the following:


Monday: 3 cups of coffee with milk totalling 300mls = 190 calories

Tuesday: 2 biscuits in work = 300 calories

Wednesday: Slice of birthday cake = 350 calories

Thursday: Extra 15 grams of Peanut Butter = 90 calories

Friday: Finish the kids left over potatoes = 200 calories

Saturday: One class of red wine = 150 calories

Sunday: A “few” biscuits = 400 calories

Total calories not tracked add up to 1,680, add the target of 12,600 and now the total Calories for the week equal 14,280.

With the person’s maintenance calories at 14,000 the calorie deficit now does not exist.

While it’s okay to incorporate the above foods/calories into your overall intake, every day I see people failing to track everything and wonder why they cannot reduce weight/body fat.


What are you eating but not counting?


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