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Client Testimonials and Transformations


We constantly preach sustainability, how

“12 months down. 12 months since my wife ever so subtlety said I should speak to Eric. Why would I do that? Thank god I did. Forget about the 15kg (love throwing that in there) it’s the lessons I have learned. 
I have done it all in 12 months, brand new baby, Christmas, birthdays, parties, weddings, holidays, nights out and some tough times mentally.
The tough times are what made me realise how Eric is different. It’s not a phase it’s a lifestyle change. No fads, no crash dieting, no restrictions. I am accountable, I am disciplined and I found the journey thoroughly enjoyable. At my latest check in the discussion on my body fat percentage getting to a level I would have never dreamed of came up. Holy sh*t. I am excited for the next 12 months. After after pics they are the ones! (Bursting into Eric’s office to get my top off)
Eric is the man. 1 regret....I didn’t do this when I was 25, now that I feel 25!”


._Absolutely incredible progress physica

“The difference between these 2 pictures has made me so happy. A lot of people will look and see the difference in my size. What I see is the difference in my mind! .
In 11 months, my life has completely turned around and I couldn’t be happier. For a long time, I lost focus on what is important family, friends, eating right, exercise, doing what excites and brings out the best in you.
After seeing the picture on the left last year, I knew I had to change something, I had zero motivation and was on a downward spiral of negativity and self-destruction. I constantly battled with myself about how I was living that one day I said enough was enough. 
I started to open up to family and friends, about how I was feeling and the thoughts I was thinking. .
It wasn’t an easy thing to do because I always felt like I was burden, that everyone has their own problems, they didn’t need to be hearing about mine. But the support I got was nothing but amazing and it really helped me to stop believing all
the negative thoughts and self-doubt.
The next step for me was to tackle the weight. Exercise has helped me lose over 5 stone(70lbs), so far, and that’s been incredible, I feel so comfortable in my own skin, but it has also helped build my confidence, given me a sense self-worth, believe in myself, helped me think more clearly and has also made me like who I am.


.__Client Progress__._Well done _julie_c


Another fantastic transformation with ou

Read about Eileen’s experience in relation to Personal Training, Nutrition and working with Pearse:


1. Why did you start personal training?


I started training with Pearse because I wanted to lose weight and tone. For years I struggled with my weight and often felt very insecure about my body. Aswell as that, I wanted to learn how to eat right and make better choices when it comes to food. 


2. What has changed since working with Pearse?


My whole mindset regarding myself, exercise and food has changed. I spent years obsessing over the numbers on the scale and I was very harsh on myself if I wasn’t down weight. Since starting with Pearse I’ve learned about eating well while also enjoying life at the same time. I notice a massive difference in my body since starting, but also I have way more energy. 


3. Who would you recommend it to?


I would definitely recommend Pearse to anyone looking to lose weight or tone up or simply to become more active.


4. What would you say to someone who is on the fence?


100% go for it! Don’t give up and be patient with yourself. Pearse knows what’s he’s doing and it all comes together in the end. I was nervous starting but he’s so easy to chat to and get along with which makes it so much easier. And your always guaranteed a laugh during training sessions!!


5. Anything else you would like to add ??


Training with Pearse is so enjoyable. I used to hate the gym but he has totally changed that for me. He has helped me find such a good balance in life with food and exercise and in turn I think about myself far more positively then in the past. There’s no judgment, only encouragement. He understands that you can’t be good all the time. He’s totally cool if you went off plan the odd time and helps to motivate you when your lacking it.


._EVERYONE MUST READ! Well done _nickifi

”The photo at the start is from the week of my sons christening and he was around 12 weeks old. I remember shopping for a dress for that christening and feeling awful, so down and miserable. The fear of even going into the dressing room to try anything on was so real!! This should have been a happy occasion all round and of course it was but there was this dark cloud over it for me, I did not feel good and that’s simply because I was not looking after myself.
Fast forward to today, 11 months since that first photo. I have dropped not quite half but close to half of my total body fat %. I feel fitter and stronger than ever. I am back playing camogie at intermediate level. I am back in the gym consistently 3/4 times a week. I ran a leg of the marathon without training specifically for that and it felt so good!! I honestly didn’t think getting back to this level was possible but I have proved myself wrong and I am so happy that I did!


Finally the work Eric and the guys do is second to none! It’s not them telling you what to do all the time (unless that’s what you want :)) but it’s an education! They set you up for life no matter what your goals are they teach you how to reach them and then how to sustain them. Gone are the days of restrictive diets for me, I live my life and I enjoy my life. It’s on me to account for what I eat. Life is gonna happen and I never again want to be in a position where I say “oh no I can’t have that I’m on a diet”. .
Long story short I feel the best I’ve ever felt! :)”

“A little over 12 weeks ago, I had noticed that I was after gaining a good bit of weight, due to the stress that I was having, and the lack of exercise that I was doing, it was messing with my mental health and I felt awful. 12 weeks later, and some help from @bryanlooneypt I’m feeling so much happier in the way I look and feel.


It may not be a massive difference physically, but it’s helping me to gain my confidence back bit by bit, especially when I can compare the pictures of then and now 💕 training with my no.1 support @aoifehayes97has been nothing but fun and giggles and I’m so thrilled with the progress that I have made and can’t wait to continue on my journey ❤”.

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