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Creating New Habits

How many times have you failed at fat loss? How many “new diets” have you tried? How many times have you said no more takeaways, no more nights out, no more junk? How many times have you started again?

Fat loss isn’t about going from what you are doing now to having the perfect diet and training regime.

It takes time and that’s okay, there is no pressure to make fast progress, once you are continuously improving and heading in the right direction you will get there, you will reach your goal. The lack of patience or comparing yourself to others will only hold you back. It’s your journey.

Creating new and improved habits gradually is essential to achieving fat loss and more importantly sustaining the results you have achieved. How many times have you or seen someone else lose lots of weight but put it all back on and more? This was more than likely from being restrictive and doing something than is unsustainable.

Below are 5 habits you need to change to help you on your fat loss journey:

1. Cook more food at home! Set time aside to do so and stick to that time! Bringing your lunch to work can be far more calorific. Eating from canteens and deli’s can lead to consuming far greater calories. Right now you have a habit of picking up the same wrap or sandwich in work everyday, let’s change that!

2. Plan and prepare. Do a weekly shop. Make a habit of shopping on a Sunday afternoon. Ensure you have plenty of health based foods ready to cook in the house. This will reduce the amount of “picking”, ordering takeaways or grabbing ready made meals on the way home from work.

3. Improve your sleep! Form a routine, go to bed every night at the same time and get up at the same time. Sleep is essential, especially for increasing your energy levels, activity and mood, the more tired we are the more likely we are to make poor nutrition choices.

4. Fill up on fruit and vegetables. Lots of people I speak with struggle or forget to eat enough fruit and vegetables. They’re healthy, low in calories and help us stay fuller for longer. Eat a variety of vegetables, add spices, add to stir fry’s, get creative, veggies can be tasty! Every day cook enough vegetables at dinner for lunch the next day, eat fruit at breakfast and bring two more pieces for snacks during the day. 

5. Get a diary. How many training sessions have you missed? At the end of every week map out your activity for the following week. Put each gym session, run, walk, class etc. in your diary. These are now your most important meetings of the week, no more missing sessions!

Pick one habit, master it, then move onto the next. Don’t try to change everything at once. Some habits may take longer than others to form. That’s okay. Remember to be patient, more often than not the longer it takes to reach our goal can often work out better, as what we have done is far more sustainable.

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